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Rental Property Management

Investment Properties Management, Managing Your Investment Properties Giving You A Peace Of Mind

Professional Management is the Secret to Successful International Property Investment

Real estate investment isn’t just about the purchasing property and selling them. There’s a complicated matter at stake: property management. The mind boggling issue of property management, especially on a international level could turn away investors from the amazing investment properties in Singapore

Our team will collaborate to ensure that the daily management of your property will be simple; all while gaining you top rental yields and bolstering your returns.

We provide international investors with our professional rental property management services on your investment in Singapore. It is a belief of ours that our clients are entitled to a management service that is devoted to reinforce your investment and promises you contentment.

Our complete property management in Singapore follows a proactive approach, which includes the following conveniences;

 o Ensuring that your property is always protected with the right insurance, so that any risk is always minimized.

 o Tenant screening is performed, so that you will always have confidence that your property will always be protected.

o We reduce vacancy time for your property, as we maintain a curated list of ideal tenants.

o Incoming and outgoing condition reports are performed to the highest standard, ensuring that damage is noted promptly and that security deposit calculations can be finalized without delay for you or your tenants.

o We ensure rent payments are being managed in line with existing tenancy contracts. You will never have to chase tenants for rent, as it’s all part of our premier service.

o Repairs and maintenance are noted and acted promptly, and we will liaise with you to ensure you’re always in the loop.

o Part of our service includes talking with your tenants so that we can gather feedback about the property. If improvements can be made to make your property more marketable or valuable, then we will be able to provide you with this important information.

The above list is not exhaustive. Talk to us today about our rental property management in Singapore, and discover the difference of professionally managed property, and the benefits that you can gain.